Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hermione Goes to Bloomsbury Farms

Mommy and Daddy took Hermione to Bloomsbury Farms this weekend. It was her first time going to a pumpkin patch. She was so excited.

Her idea of picking out a pumpkin was to grab the first one she saw.

Hermione also liked playing in the hay!

Hermione did NOT like sitting in the big chair with Daddy. She only wanted to run around!

Mommy was so excited to get to take Hermione into the corn crib full of kernels!

Hermione did a great job feeding the goats. It took awhile for her to understand to open her hand for them to take food, but she had a lot of fun once she understood the concept!

Mommy's other favorite part of the day was jumping with my little sister on the air pillow!

Hermione's 2nd Birthday!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Violet's First Cereal Feeding!

My littlest sister, Violet had her first rice cereal this evening. I had MY first cereal when I was less than five months old, but Mommy and Daddy waited until Violet was six months old. I must say, she did a GREAT JOB!!! She opened her mouth right away and even CHEWED! I remember when I ate my first cereal, I spit it out everywhere!

The cutest part was that Hermione fed Violet the entire time. Mommy and Daddy only got to do a couple bites each. What a great big sister Hermione is. I am so proud of both of my little sisters!

Look how adoringly Violet looks at Hermione!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hermione being an AWESOME big sister!

My sister, Hermione, has been very "hot and cold" about wanting to hold Violet. If she does decide to hold Violet, it is usually for a few seconds. Today, she decided she wanted Violet to take a ride with her in the laundry basket. She did such a good job holding Violet. She held on very tight, gave Violet kisses, and talked to her the whole time.